Independent Redestricting Commisions Aren’t Quite Golden

by AnotherClioBeliever

A recent article recently popped up that is definitely worth a read.

An interesting article.

Unsurprisingly, independent commissions or not the political redistricting process (the first effects are going to be felt in June, when most primaries take place) has been corrupted stem-to-stern. As a Californian, however, I applaud the Democrats for their particular brand of shamelessness.

According to the Propublica article:

Back in California, the commission was getting organized. Its first task was to pick commissioners. The ballot initiative excluded virtually anyone who had any previous political experience. Run for office? Worked as a staffer or consultant to a political campaign? Given more than $2,000 to a candidate in any year? “Cohabitated” for more than 30 days in the past year with anyone in the previous categories? You’re barred.

Unless, of course, you were merely petitioning the district. At which point congressmen and women sent their flunkies to try their best to pull the wool over the commission’s eyes. Whether or not they succeeded is, to me, ultimately secondary. It’s the attempt that seems insulting. I understand politicians can’t help themselves, but it’s always a depressing to see.

And before you partisan readers even think unhappy thoughts, Propublica’s progressive credentials (as well as journalistic one’s) are impeccable. It’s accepted multiple six-digit gifts from Mr. Soros, one founder sits on the Pulitzer Prize Board ect.

I can almost feel my sanity tearing when I read articles like these, oh well. I should’ve known my vote for Prop. 20 was useless.