Arab Spring Reconsidered

by AnotherClioBeliever

Arab Spring Reconsidere

An interesting article, translated from French, by Olivier Roy. It’s difficult but worth it. And unlike ninety-percent of what you’ll read on the Arab Spring his arguments are not backed by something the journalist picked up off of Twitter an hour before his deadline but by actually, you know, doing real work.

What I am always amazed at is how many people, especially within journalism are willing to move forward with copy that has little to do with the critical questions experts are asking. The New York Times is always quick to champion the oddest aspects of the story, be it the ultimately doomed attempt by Kofi Annan, to the hope that the United States State Department cares at all what it twenty-seconds-or-less experts have to write. I’d attribute this inexplicable phenomenon to the ease in which someone can learn and understand journalease. On the other hand it is near to impossible to truly understand these Arab countries without learning a foriegn language or two, spending several years there and using a little bit of what the Hun would call zitsfleisch. In other words, actually working or the bane of anyone attempting to make a career out of journalism

Without further ado, take a look at the link from the Journal of Democracy.